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Transactional Analysis Cards

How to use TA cards

TA is a logical way to  understand who we are and how we interact with others in the world. The cards can be used in therapy sessions to explain how TA works, as a prompt for the counsellor, or  the client can hold and look at an individual card to make the explanation clearer as the counsellor speaks. 

They can also be used by individuals who have a basic knowledge of TA or those who are willing to look up an explanation of the concepts online. 

Those of us who love TA will find many ways to use the cards to remind ourselves of this amazing system for understanding how we operate and how others respond. 

The TA cards will need some knowledge of TA but if you have not undertaken the training, a basic knowledge can be gained simply by looking up this very logical system and learning independently.
When working with a client I like to use the cards as a visual for my own verbal explanations by laying them out or inviting the person to hold a card as we talk. They can be used as a refresher when a TA reference comes up in session, or I might pick them out selectively and maybe hand the card to the client inviting them to take a photo of the card to come back to an think about later in their own time. 

Some samples of the TA cards

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